Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards 2019

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2019)

After the wide-spread fame of the Self Balancing Scooters or “Hoverboards”, a lot of people actually started complaining of the batteries getting short-circuited, and while at first, it seemed like an isolated issue…
no but then it became really common in an awful lot of hoverboards.

By early 2019, things got so out of hand that the CPSC announced an Official recall of the Hoverboards. CPSC is basically the Consumer Product Safety Commission of United States.

The recall basically meant over half a million hoverboard units going back until they are fixed and sent back. This recall was for the 8 main and famous manufacturers, and the combined number of 15 different models were affected.

While it didn’t seem like a big deal, the property damage that occurred because of the hoverboards ended up reaching $2 million in property damage.

Top 5 Hoverboards [Review Updated 2019]

The hoverboards that are now present in the market come with a message that these are safe, and can be used without any issues.

For an average consumer, finding the best hoverboard in the market can be a bit difficult, considering how famous and popular the hoverboards have become. To address that issue, we are going to talk about the best electric hoverboards that currently available in the market. These hoverboards are available from different companies and have different models in order to keep the customers satisfied.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the amazing best hoverboards 2019.

1. Hoverzon S – Self Balancing Scooter

HOVERZON S ReviewNow, we are standing at a point where no amount of innovation in standard hoverboards can be done. You can add LED lights, or Bluetooth powered speakers, and that would be it.

However, if you think you want to go a bit further, you can always look at examples such as the Segway miniPRO but do keep in mind that the price on that hoverboard is nearly the double of the standard issue hoverboards. Today, we are going to look at the Hoverzon S; on close inspection, it can easily be said that this particular hoverboard is based on the tried and true, no-nonsense design and features just the right amount of stuff that would be it for the user buying a hoverboard.

As for the price, it is priced same as pretty much every other hoverboard on our list, and that is certainly a good thing because it gives the consumer a lot of options without having the need to stretch their budget. However, the company does claim that there is an “exclusive” feature built right into the hoverboard, and we’ll see whether or not that feature makes it the hoverboard of your choice.

Roll out the advantages, shall we?

  • The Hoverzon S features an exclusive ‘aegis armor” that provides a multilayer protection to the battery. Although it may sound gimmicky, but it can actually protect the battery against certain bumps.
  • Like all the other hoverboards on our list, this one also comes with the much needed UL2272 certification, meaning that the hoverboard is completely safe against issues such as catching fire or getting short-circuited.
  • The hoverboard features a fireproof exterior casing as well as the sensor pedals.
  • The company claims that the Hoverzon S comes with a top tier motor, as well as a feature such as gear stabilization that is present in the hoverboard in order to provide a very stable, and responsive control.
  • The Hoverzon S also features a rather innovative battery management system that can smartly help improve the overall battery performance as well as a top of the line battery management.
  • Last but not the least, the Hoverzon S comes with 2 different speed modes that are suitable for either the beginners or the experts the switching between these modes can be done on the fly and it is actually really, really convenient for the beginners.

While there aren’t any improvements in this hoverboard when you compare it with the others, the Aegis armor along with the battery management surely makes it one of the better hoverboards win the market. In addition to that, the hoverboard is available in a total of 6 colors, and all of the colors are priced the same.

Needless to say, you won’t have to pay a bit more just to have a different color.

2. SwagTron T1 / T3 – Reasonably Priced and Good Quality

Swagtron T1 ReviewSwagtron is one of the leading brands in the hoverboard business, and has a lot of different models under their belt.

The T1 can be considered as a high-end model because it does feature some of the best things you will need in hoverboard.

Now, this is a UL2272 certified hoverboard, and the UL2272 certification basically means that it is completely safe from any battery issues that resulted in the fire controversy that happened back in China when the hoverboard first became available.

To get this certification, every hoverboard of this model or every hoverboard going for this certification is put under a number of tests in order to determine the safety.

There are several tests performed on a hoverboard in order to make sure everything is in right place. Before we begin, you can read some of the advantages below:

  • Comes with UL 2272 certification ensuring maximum satisfaction and security.
  • Offers a top speed of 8+ mph that ranges to 12+ miles
  • Comes equipped with a 300-watt dual electric scooter motor.
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 2-3 hours on a single full charge.
  • Comes equipped with LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and a lightweight body.
  • Swagtron T1 comes with a patented SentryShield battery technology, and also comes with a smart battery management system that monitors and protects the battery.

Overall, speaking from a personal point of view, the Swagtron T1 happens to be one of the most comfortable, and most amazing hoverboards you can currently buy.

Sure, you can spend a little more and get the T3 model, but whether or not you need the extra bling like Bluetooth speakers, a handle, and some additional visual changes, the decision is up to you.

As for the Swagtron T1, it’s a perfectly capable hoverboard that offers amazing value for money, smooth riding, lightweight design, and a value for your money. Needless to say, it certainly is a top pick.

Should you get T1 or T3?

These two models are quite similar.

SwagTron T3 is the upgraded model of the T1. What is different?

Compared to the T1, not much has changed in the design department but you do get some fancy features like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers that can sync with your phone, battery indicators, different riding modes, etc. Early rumors suggested that there will be a handle involved as well, but it seems like there isn’t one.

So, is the SwagTron T3 a worthy upgrade over the T1? Well, let’s find out.

  • The hoverboard comes with the much needed UL 2272 certification that ensures that the hoverboard won’t spontaneously combust. The hoverboard itself has gone through the extensive safety tests that are deemed necessary by the government.
  • The hoverboard offers a maximum speed of 8+ mph and has a range of 7-12 miles.
  • There are two 300-watt motors that are used in some of the high-end electric scooters.
  • The lithium ion battery that powers the hoverboard can be charged in 2 to 3-hour maximum and doesn’t heat up at all.
  • The hoverboard also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can sync with your mobile phone, LED headlights, rubber bumpers, battery indicators.
  • Sturdy and light weight shell.
  • MulightweightSwagTron T1, the T3 also come with the patented SentryShield technology as well as intelligent battery management that ensures the hoverboard operates safely without any issues.

While on paper the SwagTron T3 may not be the fastest, most advanced hoverboard in the market, but it’s the features like the SentrySheid technology as well as the price to performance that makes this a worthy purchase. For those who are wondering if this is better than the T1, well, that’s just subjective. It does have some features that are obviously missing from the T1, but whether or not you’ll be needing I cannot say 🙂

3. GoTrax Hoverfly ECO – Best hoverboard for beginners

GoTrax Hoverfly EcoI think of hoverboards as the new and cooler futuristic versions of skateboards (funkier, quicker, better kitted, and widely acceptable; argument set and match). However, over the last few years, some have generated significant controversy after they overheated and memorably caught fire (argument almost lost). Regardless, the technology has been improved and better products with better safety margins have been released. One device that has caught my attention is the GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO, a UL 2272 acclaimed two-wheel board developed by GotraxTM.

A novice in the industry, GotraxTM specializes in the creation and development of electric rideables particularly electric scooters or hoverboards as well as electric ATVs. As of 2017, the company launched the Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard – a device powered by a 29.4-volt battery guaranteed not to overheat and spontaneously blow up in a massive fireball.

Product overview

The Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard has a maximum speed of 7.4 miles per hour (this may look slow on paper, but it is freakishly fast and may either give you a massive thrill or cause injuries in case of a fall). The raw speed of the Hoverfly ECO is achieved thanks to its two 250-watt motors. Additionally, the device is not all power with no tech considering it has a range of 12 miles on a single charge. The Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard is also fitted with super-fast charge technology that allows users attain maximum charge for 1.5 hours. In the current market, a hoverboard with similar attributes, for instance, the SagaPlay F1 is priced much higher making the Hoverfly ECO a bargain.

What I liked

The GOTRAX’s Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard takes safety to a new level.

First-time hoverboard riders have known issues with balance and thanks to YouTube videos, their fails are hilarious to watch; however, safety takes first precedence. The GotraxTM developed a learning mode that limits the pad flexibility as well as speed. The learning mode is great for kids because it makes riding much safer. Switching between modes is made simple by pressing the power button located at the back of the device twice.

Secondly, the device comes with protective bumpers that not only guarantee smooth riding but also improves on durability.

Thirdly, the Hoverfly ECO Hover board has a nonslip footpad, which is great feature when hurtling down a hill at 7.4 mph.

Display Aesthetics

This hoverboard comes in an array of fresh and funky colors such as Alien Green, Nebula Black, Mars Red, Neptune Blue and Pulsar Pink just to mention a few. Some of these colors’; for instance, the Alien Green and Neptune Blue are exclusive to the product and they look great.

Additionally, the device has inbuilt LEDs that improve on the display as aesthetics considering the colors are funky. As a bonus feature when the device is running low on battery, the LED lights warn the rider in advance, hopefully avoiding any case of being stranded in between destinations.
However, it’s not all about looking cooler (than a skateboarder), the Hoverfly ECO Hover board also has additional lighting features that for better vision during the night making it easier for riders to be seen by other road users.

Unlike other products in the same range, GOTRAX’s Hoverfly ECO Hover board is affordable considering it has a maximum range of 12 miles and a super-fast charge of one and a half hours. It can be argued that the Swagtron T1 charges faster (1 hour) but it should be taken into consideration that it is much more expensive.

What I did not like

The GOTRAX’s Hoverfly ECO Hover board is limited to riders below the 220lbs body weight despite it being a standard feature on other 6.5-inch hover boards in the market. This means I was forced to check on a more expensive range of off-road hoverboards.

No Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device. Many other brands have mobile connectivity that helps play music and customize several features such as speed or charge monitoring.

  • Portable with a net weight of 19.8lbs
  • Fresh and funky design with a wide range of colors
  • Quick and easy training mode to for beginners
  • Super-fast charge time
  • Good maximum speed (7.4 mph) and maximum range (12 miles)
  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity
  • Inability to serve a wide range of clients (above 220lbs body weight)


The Hoverfly ECO hover board is an affordable, well equipped, and high-quality electric scooter that stands out in a highly completive market. The gadgets brilliance comes from the attention to detail on the riders safety making it the ideal gadget for beginner or kids. From non-slip pads, multi-purpose LED lights, and the training mode are distinctive features that make the Hoverfly ECO hover board a bargain to have.

4. SWAGTRON T580 – Best Hoverboard in Terms of Features

Swagtron T580 Review

Hoverboards are still very popular despite many people claiming that the fad is over. Why else would we have something like SWAGTRON T580 hit the market. This lightweight hoverboard is made with care, ensuring that the user has the best possible experience while using it. During my time with the hoverboard, I had a great time with it; the hoverboard’s construction was solid and I did not feel like it was going to break, in addition to that, I love the fact that user has access to hoverboard through the app.

The hoverboard offers an eco-friendly mechanism that ensures that there is no carbon emission, buyers will also get smart and effective battery management system thanks to the patented Sentry Shield technology that ensures that the battery is managed properly, and does not discharge unnecessarily. Sentry Shield also ensures that the battery remains protected against fire or heat hazards that was the case in some of the earlier models of the hoverboards.

The hoverboard supports a weight up to 220 pounds, and under. In addition to that, SWAGTRON T580 comes with Bluetooth speakers that you can use to connect your device with it to play music. Not to forget, you can even connect your hoverboard with an app; the app allows you to check the navigation, battery life, and even control the music while you are using the hoverboard.

For the safety conscious users, the SWAGTRON T580 does come with UL 2272 certification, so you will not have to worry about the same fire hazard that plagued the early versions of the hoverboards. The T580 takes 2 hours to charge. In addition to that it offers IPX4 water protection, so for users who are worried about damaging their hoverboard in water, there is no need for that.

As far as the design and build quality of the SWAGTRON T580 is concerned, I have to say that I really like it. The build quality is definitely solid as compared to some of the other products available in the market, and the design is just the right amount of minimalist, and sleek. You have three colours to choose from – red, black, or blue.

There are really not too many downsides to this amazing hoverboard; the fact that the hoverboard can travel up to 8 miles on a single charge can be a letdown for some people considering how it is comparatively low when put against some of the competing hoverboards, but it is not bad by any means.

In conclusion, the SWAGTRON T580 is a really great hoverboard that does not let the minor inconvenience such as the lower travel distance to hold it down. It works as it is intended, and delivers a solid performance. Given the price tag; I believe it is a great self-balancing scooter.

  • Eco-friendly mechanism provides no carbon emission
  • The Sentry Shield technology ensures that battery is managed properly, and there are no fire or heat hazards
  • Bluetooth speakers are a nice touch, and can be controlled through the Bluetooth app that is available on iOS and Android
  • The UL 2272 certification gives you a peace of mind that your hoverboard will not end up in flames
  • Offers IPX4 water protection
  • The hoverboard only offers an 8 miles travel distance on a single charge. Which is lesser as compared to some of the other available hoverboards

5. Swagtron T6 – Best Hoverboard for Off-Road Use

Swagtron T6 ReviewSWAGTRON has been among the leading companies to make some of the best hoverboards for a while now. Seriously, I have not seen the same level of impressive hoverboards from any other company so far. It is almost like a monopoly. And today I am looking at the SWAGTRON T6, one of the very few hoverboards that are made for different terrains.

The first look, and you will know that the company paid extra attention to detail; the hoverboard is made using quality material, and looks very rugged. After checking the specifications out, I figured out the reason behind such a rugged construction; the hoverboard supports up to 420 pounds. Other hoverboards often support maximum 220 pounds so 420 is nearly double of what I expected to see in the market.

This hoverboard comes with a built in carrying handle, allowing you to easily carry it anywher you want. Keep in mind that the hoverboard is somewhat on the heavier side as compared to a non-rugged hoverboard that are made for plain terrains. Users also get safety features such as LED lights, as well as non-slip pads that ensure that the hoverboard does not start slipping when not in use.

For those concerned about rapidity, the hoverboard has speed of up to 12 mph, while it might not seem like a lot, it is actually above the typical average of 6 – 8 mph. Safety features such as the U 2272 certification as well as the Sentry Shield battery protection that ensures complete safety are available in the hoverboard.
  • Rugged construction that supports up to 420 lb
  • Great for off-road terrain
  • Has all the necessary safety features such as Sentry Shield, and U 2272 certification
  • Speed up to 12 mph
  • The price tag might concern some users

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