Best Granite Cleaner Review (May 2019) – Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2019)

best granite cleanerGranite requires a special kind of cleaning, doesn’t it? So, it should hardly be surprising that many granite cleaners are not up to the mark as far as the cleanliness and maintenance of these surfaces goes.

Just as a simple guideline, a good granite cleaner should feature a certain blend of features, including strong cleaning power, ease of use, and so forth.

Incidental conveniences such as having a pleasant scent also come into play when you want nothing but the best granite cleaners. And so do factors like how far they can go before a refill becomes necessary and whether or not they will discolor or damage the granite surfaces. So, to help you along in this search, here is a list of the best granite cleaners in the market at the moment.

Best Granite Cleaner Products

1. StoneTech Oil Stain Remover, Cleaner for Natural Stone

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This StoneTech cleaner is very easy to use. As an added bonus, it is also very effective at getting rid of all sorts of stains; and not just on granite surfaces, but on marble, slate, sandstone, grout, ceramic, concrete, and porcelain surfaces as well.

Like any good granite cleaning agent, this product will not discolor the surfaces you use it on like poor quality alternatives often do.

2. Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner


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Although described as being strong enough for commercial cleaning purposes, this granite cleaner is acid-free and  also capable of preserving the aesthetic integrity of any granite surface it is used to clean.

The cleaner is also very easy to use, and it should hold up well against people looking for a quick cleaning experience because it is made of fast-acting compounds that loosen the dirt as soon as the cleaner is applied on the dirty granite surfaces. If you have lots of cleaning area to cover, the cleaner’s fast action should also help you reduce your workload.

3. StoneTech Oil Stain Remover Cleaner

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If you think your granite surfaces need a serious cleaner that is truly up to the task, there are not many options that will deliver results that are as convincing as those provided by this cleaner. This product is capable of removing deep stains; and it does so without doing any damage to the granite surface.

The cleaner is also really easy to use, and it will not leave behind any residue after use. Another plus to having this granite cleaner is that it will also work on limestone, slate, sandstone, ceramic, concrete and other stone surfaces.

4. Supreme Surface Granite and Quartz Cleaner, Polish and Sealer


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This Supreme Surface granite cleaner can take on a number of roles. For instance, it can seal all natural stones, make the colors really pop, smoothen the surface, and even give it a lovely scent.

And when you use it to clean off the dirt on the granite surfaces, you can expect that no dirt will be left behind, not even residue from the cleaner itself. After each clean, the product will also give your granite surfaces a shine.

5. Granite Plus! 2 Cleaner and Sealer for Granite


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If you want a cleaner that will help you have a streak-free cleaning experience, then Granite Plus! 2 is a good place to start. This cleaner is very powerful against stains, despite having a perfect pH balance and a hypoallergenic formula that will not irritate the user. It also has a sealer that makes it protect the granite surfaces from stains.

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